Brownlee crashes in Japan, but doesn’t stop him pushing on.

Brownlee, one of britians fabulous athletes, who got back into the action in Japan world series. Triathlon’s are extremely hard especially in heavy rain and in a different country.


Brownlee carried his bike for one kilometre after crashing before running to 42nd place overall, which is still very impressive, 42nd? when running a kilometre carry a bike, that it pretty fantastic don’t you think? This was the first triathlon since collapsing and being carried over the line by his brother Alistair Brownlee at last years series finale in Mexico.  This is something Brownlee has trained for, pushed past all his limits and barriers to succeed and he did that! he finished the race, some athletes would have just ended it there and then. When speaking with BBC News Brownlee justified why he carried on, ‘my first reaction was to get back on the bike and get back riding, but then i got to my bike and the handlebars were pointing in the wrong direction and i couldn’t move it’ after all that he still carried on explaining ‘I still wanted to run, I hadn’t come all this way to Japan not to finish’. [BBC News, 2017]

Jonny Brownlee ran barefoot carrying his bike for the final half lap of the cycling discipline after crashing, this is something Brownlee should be very proud, he makes me very proud to be British, his determination was insane.

The men and women’s elite races were won by reigning world champions Mario Mola (Spain) and Flora duffy (Bermuda).




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