Ernesto Valverde is in line to become Barca’s new coach…

Ernesto Valverde is in line to becoming the next coach at Barcelona, as we all know Barca are an impressive team, it is fantastic to watch they work.

What we know about Ernesto Valverde: he is a Spanish retired footballer, known for his 14 year amazing career. He played for 6 teams in his career of 14 years, one of them teams being barca. He helped the team win the UEFA winners cup (1989) and Copa Del Rey (1990). Valverde has just stepped down as boss at Athletic Bilao. which in line of the new coach getting announced, great timing?

One of the things which will help Valverde, is the fact he is a previous player of Barcelona. Which is what they’re looking for. (massive hint there) but also one of the most amazing things is that when he played for barcelona, he was under Johan Cruyff, the most important figure in he clubs history! he is a legend in the life of barcelona!

my opinion: I feel that he is a good match for the team, he knows how it works being at barcelona, he is a fantastic coach and has some very coaching skills which would benefit the team. lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. with the team currently standing and some of the best players in the world, we need to watch this space as it’s just going to get better!