Tips on handling anxiety:

Not one person can tell you how to handle your anxiety,  however we can help each other and see if we see improvement.  I’ve suffered from anxiety since high school,  I wasn’t unpopular or bullied but I struggled with daily things. Such as turning up to school without being ill. And for years and years we never knew what it was. At the age of 16 I decided to move away and start fresh in Cheshire, UK. Best thing I ever did. However my anxiety never went,  I was so scared of feeling ashamed about being poorly but my dad was very supportive, it wasn’t until 2015, I realised it could be mental issue rather than a physical illness,  I suffer from IBS,  Panic Attacks which cause my seizures,  migranes. Asthma and it is nothing compared to some people but it has been a big Hill to climb and I’m no way near the top.  

Some of the ways I have learnt to calm myself when I am anxious are:

Tip 1: 

Be around people you feel safe around, because you may feel like you’re going pass out or hurt yourself

 I try to be around my boyfriend or best friend because they don’t go on about my anxiety, they understand that I just need to concentrate on something else, which moves into tip two.  

Tip 2: concentrate on something else.  

My tip is find a programme you can watch or something to listen to. For example: The Big Bang Theory is closely the only thing which can calm me down I dont know why. But to me The Big Bang Theory is something which makes me relax,  once I relax I tend to feel ten times better.  When I’m out I have Netflix on my phone so I just go on that,  a bit anti-social I know,  but it’s worth it tbh.  

Tip 3: do not feel like you’re dying. Reassure yourself.

The hardest feeling is feeling like you’re never going to get better,  that you’re at the end and you’re in so much pain,  but reassure your self,  talk yourself down. Keep thinking you’re going be ok, that you have been through this before and If you’re around someone who you trust, tell them what is wrong, ask them to make you concentrate on something.  

My previous relationship my anxiety was so bad but I’d always try reassure myself and my partner would laugh and take the piss,  that’s when I knew I couldn’t be around him when I was anxious.  Never feel ashamed (I’m going to write a blog post about feeling ashamed and why you shouldn’t be,  so keep watching) you are strong and that’s all that matters.  

Tip 4: Self-help is a good answer.  

To be totally honest when I went to the local GP about my anxiety,  this was in 2015 at the start,  they didn’t believe me and just put me on some strong tablets. Which doesn’t work,  I’m currently on tablets which affect each other (stupid I know).  Some I decided so look myself,  I went on the NHS website (which I’ll add at the bottom) which gave me booklets on different things. I started speaking with other people who suffered from anxiety or depression, I started making friends again and gradually I started enjoying my life again, even though I’ve suffered badly with anxiety,  I’ve always pushed past it,  I’d be sick for a few hours and then just go out.  I’d prepare knowing I was scared of the next day ahead.  

Tip 5: never give up,  it does get easier.  

I know I sound like a hyperotheic but it’s true,  don’t give up because you have people around you who love you and worship you.  You’re anxiety won’t ever get the better of you,  you may feel like it does however it won’t.  Respect yourself, love yourself and live you’re life. Experience things which you’re anxiety has previously stopped you doing.  Because you deserve to live your life without feeling scared.  

No-one deserves to be unhappy, I’ve learnt the hard way that you should leave the negative people in the past move on and find positive people who want you to be happy and be inspired.  

Be inspired and push your limits.  


Day 1 of my new training schedule

Day 1 = Legs and Abdominals

So I’ve done a new routine is to try get my body into pushing it’s self again. It’s not a extremely hard programme and it is focusing around toning my abdominals and my oblique’s. Slimming down my legs and arms, but most of all to be happy again.

I started off with legs:

  • Body weight Squats
  • Lunges
  • KB Swing Squats
  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jack

four rounds, 10 reps of each (15 seconds for high knees) with 20 seconds inbetween.

Then abdominals:

  • 3/4 Sit ups [15 reps, 4 sets]
  • Bridge with Kettlebell. [10 reps, 2 sets – hold for 10 seconds, 2 sets – quick]
  • Modified Leg Raises [15 reps, 4 sets]
  • Side Bends with Kettlebell [10 reps, 4 sets – each side]

It wasn’t a very long session, it was just a 30 minutes. It is one session which is going start pushing me, my motivation comes from life. The happiness that comes from working out makes me know that picking sport as a career wasn’t a wrong choice.


My Journey starts now!

The fitness world is a hard world to part of, it’s like a different world. You have the ability to change your life just by going to the gym or walking somewhere. Fitness is a way of life for most people and I would highly recommend it.

I’ve haven’t posted lately mainly, i’ve been poorly and trying get my body back to be able to train currently I’m just doing a lot of walking to keep up my fitness and from next week if i’m better I will be back training. My Journey is hard, I want to be back to the skinner version of myself however it’s hard when everyone says you look so skinny but unhealthy however now I’ve put weight on, i look good but why aren’t you as toned or why aren’t you as skinny. i’ve came to realise that you can never please everyone and if you try to you’ll never be truly happy.

Happiness comes when you put yourself first, I always care about what people think but sometimes you have forget about them and please yourself. My fitness routine is mainly going to be focused on toning my abdominals and then bringing up my speed for football just focusing on this will help my mind-set.

My depression ever since getting back into fitness and leaving my ex-partner has pretty much disappeared. My stress relief or ‘own time’ as people call it would be in the gym, give me some headphones and a gym i’ll be happy. I’m going be logging my fitness journey every time i go or as much as possible, I’m not a person for dieting or changing how i eat this is mainly due to my IBS also i tend not to eat a lot of food anyways. But i will log my food for the day’s that I train. I will be writing articles on different exercises and why i would either recommend them or why i wouldn’t personally tend to use them.

The best way of getting out of depression is talking about it and letting yourself be happy, don’t worry because someone doesn’t want you to be happy, that’s them they’re most likely just jealous.