Djokovic “Shock Therapy”…

The Shock Therapy that will change Djokovic’s life, will it be worth the risk?

Novak Djokovic is one of the most fantastic tennis players of all time. Djokovic has been running second rank for a very long time with his main completion being Andy Murray of Scotland, United Kingdom. His passion for the sport is amazing. Djokovic has always had a fantastic team behind him, building his career including some of the best coaches in the industry. One being Marian Valda, former professional began coaching Djokovic in 2006, later replaced with Boris Becker, who left late December last year. Marian Valda remained with the team and was there last month at Monte Carlo Masters. Where Djokovic was beaten in the last quarter finals by David Goffin, who was 117 rank.


Djokovic has parted with his coaches and the team as he think’s it will be great for his career however; he does express how grateful he is for all the support he has received from his coaches and team in the previous seasons. In an interview with Djokovic, he expressed to the BBC that he was ‘forever grateful for the friendship, professionalism and commitment to my career goals.’ [BBC Sport, 2017.]

Vajda does think it is a good career move, Djokovic has the support of both coaches Becker and Vajda. When speaking with The Guardian, Vajda expressed his support for Djokovic, ‘I gave everything I could as a coach, I am very proud of the results. We arrived to the point where we all realised we need new energy in the team. Novak Djokovic can do so much more and I’m sure he will’ [The Guardian, 2017]

My Opinion and Conclusion:

I feel this will be a great move for Djokovic, however with his new matches starting now. Will it be a risk which will pay off? We will see. Djokovic has always had brilliant support behind him, which has build him to become one of the best and most feared by newcomers, who will be the new coach to bring his career to the next stage and to the stage that we have all be waiting for. The passion will never leave Djokovic ‘I am a hunter, and my biggest goal is to find the winning spark on the court again.’ BBC Sport 2017. Will getting rid of his backbone coaches and fitness coaches work… ‘A statement on the Serb’s website on Friday confirmed that the coach Marian Vajda, fitness coach Gebhard Phil Gritsch and physiotherapist Miljan Amanovic will end their association.’ The Guardian, 2017. Good luck Djokovic, you’re a fantastic player and we hope to see you succeed even more in your career! Time will tell.