Roma sign Federico Fazio… £2.8m

Roma is one of the the best teams in italy, currently with the transfer window open all of the best and upcoming sensations are getting signed, but let’s talk about Federico Fazio. What we know is that he currently plays (played) for Spurs, which is Tottenham Hotspurs, London. Which means he did play in the Premier League. Spurs have always had a good line up and a very strong position in the Premier League (finishing 2nd in the 2016/2017 season). Fazio plays centre defence or commonly known as centre back, Tottenham have confirmed the sale of Federico Fazio with a big sale!

Federico Fazio, is from Argentina, Buenos Aires. Aged 30, which in football is a very good age. Football has an early retirement age compared to most jobs with players retiring around 40/45 years old, but at the age of 30 Fazio knows that he is in the prime of his career and the move to Roma, is only going to make him an even stronger player.

Roma have paid £2.8 million for Federico Fazio and in my opinion this is a fantastic move. Federico Fazio will bring some spirit to the team and a new out look, you can not fault Roma for wanting Federico Fazio, he is a fantastic player, the moves and spirit he is going bring is going to be insane. The pace on Fazio is crazy, he is named one of the best defenders and he lives up to that, when you watch him play you know that he wants to succeed, his passes are very accurate and he knows where he wants it to go. His skills all combine and give him an advance on other defenders, his speed and his consistency are just some of the things which put him above the skill level other players. Federico Fazio has a goal of wining back to back Europa league, he knows that he is in the prime of his career and I think we have more amazing experience to come from Federico Fazio!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post!